2-In-1 Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage w/ Carrying Bag


FEATURES AT A GLANCE: – Two pressure control options – Helps relieve muscle tension – Assists in breaking up scar tissue – Improves mobility and flexibility – Targets and relieves painful trigger points – Aids in removing lactic acid build-up – Develops core strength, balance, flexibility & posture – Anti-slip design – Compact size is ideal for travel – Includes a carrying case for easy portability and storage

HIGH-DENSITY OUTER ROLLER – Textured design targets tight tissues – Helps relax muscles after a workout – Soothes muscle tension and soreness – Improves mobility & flexibility – Prevents injury & aids in recovery – Durable foam withstands repeated uses

SOFT INNER ROLLER – Warm-up/down safely before your workout – Ease into foam rolling to get pain relief – Gives a gentle, comfortable massage – Target & decrease shin splint pain – Ideal for injury rehab – Perfect for foam rolling beginners, yoga & Pilates


Outer Foam Roller: 13”x 5.5”

Inner Foam Roller: 13″ x 3.8″

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